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2-in1 UV Pen

Ideal for checking paper 20 & 50 notes alongside the new Polymer bank notes! Old style ink pens will only work on the old paper bank notes.

  • 2-In1 UV Note Tester Pens
  • UV Light Checks Polymer
  • Iodine Ink Checks Cotton
  • All Currencies

  • Product Details

    *2-In1* UV light note check pens Iodine ink pen will check £20 £50 paper notes UV light checks the new £5, £10, £20 & £50 Polymer banknotes Old style ink pens will only work on the old paper bank notes Suitable for all major currencies Unique ink identifies suspect paper notes quickly & easily. Mark paper currency - yellow or clear, currency is good. Black, Brown or Grey, currency is suspect. Shelf life - approximately 12 months UV light checks Polymer notes, credit cards, passports, offical documents and more


  • Model: 2-in-1 UV Pen
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Yellow/Blue
  • N.W.: 17g
  • Dimensions (mm): 17mmW x 22mmD x 132mmH

  • MODEL2-in-1 UV PenPortable UV LightDesktop UV LightDesktop UV Light +
    Bulb365nm bulb4 Watt9 Watt2x 6 Watt
    Power3x LR11304x AAUK MainsUK Mains